Fished during the afternoon, had a few hours to take from work and decided the sun had to win. I fished spots that I fished last June when I began fly fishing seriously. I drove from spot to spot just checking things out making a few casts here and there. Today the sun made it so nice I didn’t even put waders on, I just fished from the bank in jeans and a t-shirt. Eventually I migrated to a spot I’ve been dying to see since the winter regs have loosened their grip on my fishing locations. I did put on the waders for a bit but had I brought the water shoes I’ve been wanting to try I probably would have wet waded across the few spots it was needed. 

Thick Brown

I pulled a nice brown, probably 16″, he jumped a few times, landed with a thud and when I got him to the banks he was so…thick. The thickest trout I’ve caught, that was cool but knowing I have many to catch I put him back right away and got to it. I picked off a few more before heading in. I fished for two hours and didn’t pick a single bug. I’ve been fishing the leech alot as of late, I guess just using it in different circumstances but I feel like I need to be working on my nymphing. 


  1. I’m totally the opposite– I rarely want to give up the nymphs for streamers– they’re just so dang effective on the truckee…. but I’d probably catch more fish if I learned to streamer fish…

    you need to add a speech bubble to that fish in the bottom right hand corner– see what people come up with….

    –Brian J.

  2. and what would you put in the speech bubble?

    as for the nymphs, I blind nymph and I think I would catch more fish on nymphs than streamers if I were better at telling the takes and setting the hook, I’m also still working on adjusting weight to put the fly at the right depth. With a leech pattern….sink to desired depth, slow retrieve or short 2in strips of line and eventually a fish will take, may lose a bunch. The tricky part of what I’ve been doing with the leech is casting across strong current and wanting the fly to sink deep in slack water, mending alot of line and being able to keep the amount of line out manageable to then set the hook on the strike, I keep burning my fingers with my fly line. Anyways, I’m going over to your blog now to see if there are updates, I’ve been out fishing and haven’t checked in a while. Peace

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