I’ve been busy these past two weeks. Turns out learning an entirely different video editing program is daunting and frustrating at times but in the end will likely be a major upgrade resulting in faster smoother post production work. I carried with me multiple cameras and fly rod in an attempt to film myself while trying to fish. Sometimes its best to do one thing well rather than multiple things poorly but somedays I don’t have a subject to film and it was too nice out to leave the cameras in the bag. Next time perhaps I’ll leave the video cameras home and just fish. Soon I’ll be filming the early spring hatches, hopefully that includes the Dark Hendricksons and I know I’ll run into the BWO’s. I haven’t gotten out since the 14th of February when this footage was shot and in that time we’ve seen most of the snow in S.E. Minnesota melt off the bluffs turning the creeks to Wonka town. By the time you read this it will likely have passed on all but the largest of streams and longest of systems in the area, smaller and shorter watersheds are likely flowing fine now that most of the snow is gone. Hopefully some of you get a chance to fish this weekend. If so, drop me a line and let me know how the creeks are shaping up. In the meantime here’s my latest project.


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