Sporty Girl Foam StimulatorsLately I’ve spent time thinking about trout and tying flies I expect to catch them with during the later months of summer. I’m working with deer and elf hair again, seems the first two flies always turn out junk, a W.F.F. dozen is typically fourteen, but don’t tell the pro’s that. I tied a half dozen Stimulators, flies that I remember working well for me in July and August. I bet they might be working now, I just haven’t tossed one to trout lips in a while. I used the Sporty Girl foam for the body which can be purchased at and Claire’s and I think I saw a few colors at Target. These flies will ride high and make for good lead flies with which to drop, say a caddis pupa pattern. 



(?) Fly Created/Tied by the W.F.F.

After the Stimulators I went to work tying a W.F.F. dozen of the pattern that has recently brought me two spectacular Southeast Minnesota brown trout and a handfull of other beautiful fish. I don’t have a name for this pattern and being honest I should say that the pattern I watched Sershen crush an 18″ brown with provided the initial idea. Basically a bead-head bugger pattern with a twist of sparkle chenille for a hackle collar. I tied half the dozen with a tungsten bead and half with a regular bead all weighted on the under-body with weight wraps. I think these flies look slick and deserve a good name, I haven’t decided on one yet. Any suggestions? I might make it worth your while if something fitting comes across the wire, nudge nudge wink wink, know what I mean?(?) Fly Created/Tied by the W.F.F.

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  1. Nice looking flies! I bet they will do the trick. If I was a fish, you would get me to bite with one of those sharp looking flies! 😉 The only name that crosses my mind is “black bandit” Just thought I would participate, I hope you come up with a good name for your flies, Keep up the good work and I agree with “roughfisher” definitely a money maker! Looking forward to your next post!

  2. It may be more that I have confidence in this fly, but when it comes to terrestrial season a #10 or 12 black foam cricket gets it done for me.

    I’m in agreement on the buggers. I tied some of those in smallmouth sizes tonight. We shall see…

  3. Good flies. man.

    When I “name” flies (caveat there is that usually when I name anything, it only means that I’ve taken a stand-by pattern and tweaked it a bit – I’ve really invented nothing) I try to go against the grain and pick some weird ass string. I also like to use acronyms (STALASS is a carp fly, stands for shakin that ass like a salt shaker).

    LOD or Legion of Doom came to mind when I tied up ~24 of them and arrayed them on the bench. The phrase that came to mind was legion of doom.

    I looked at your fly just now and saw that flashy collar and for some reason it made me think of rain which made me think of sprinkles which made me think of a phrase from a song that my kid used to say now and then when he wanted me to tickle him: sprinkle me baby.

    Makes no sense but if I were master of that fly it’d be the Sprinkle Me Baby or SMB.

    You are of course under no obligation to use that name

  4. My pattern was unweighted, had no bead head or feathers and instead used rubber legs. Next time we get out lets have a fly off. We can fish two buggers in tandem each, one of mine one of yours, and see which fly is in most demand by trouts..

    If a bugger were a creature it would be a leech in the summer. Therefor I suggest calling it a slutty leech, after yourself of course.


  5. Man, I appreciate the comments guys.

    Greg, the sporty girl foam idea came from Whiskey Creek Blog (link at bottom) he has also done several other flies with it, excellent stuff. Cheap too.

    Minnesota, specifically how are you fishing those cricket’s? On top? Riding really high? Half sunk? Totally sunk? Deep?

    Wendy, I about shit myself laughing when I shouted “sprinkle me baby” for the first time, my dog loved it, so did I.

    Sershen, your on. Slutty Leech. Ha!

    Thanks for the rest of the name ideas. I’ll post it when it’s been decided. Take care all.

  6. How about “The Abominator” …. that sounds kick-ass and a little scary. I think we want to strike fear in the hearts of our prey, while at the same time instilling confidence in ourselves, and that should do it! I do like the collar idea and am going to tie up some smallmouth flies that way this evening.

    avatar darklake

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