Parachute-Hare's Ear

  • Hook: #14 Dry Fly
  • Thread: Tan 8/0
  • Parachute: Calf Tail
  • Tail: Buck Tail
  • Body: Hare’s Ear Light/Dark
  • Hackle: Grizzly

I tried very hard to tie these well, I took my time and learned much about parachutes during the time I took to tie over a dozen of these flies. For me this was difficult, the hackle can be frustrating and being calm and taking your time can pay off, it did for me. I would make a few suggestions, 1 select all of your hackle feathers in advance so you don’t have to search through your cape to find what you need. 2 Practice hand stacking, for me I felt like I did fairly well hand stacking the buck tail after trying to use a hair stacker and not getting very far. 3 Lift the Hackle, the instructions I read explained that if you wrap the hackle on the bottom the entire time it will force the other wraps up. I found though that if I didn’t lift the hackle fibers when I wrapped a new turn the fibers would go all over the place. This for me was a difficult tie, perhaps in a few years before my sight leaves me it will get easier.


  1. You’re tying some tough patterns and doing a good job. I haven’t tied any dry flies for quite a while. Mainly because I have a lot and I don’t lose that many… whereas nymphs leave as fast as a guy can tie them.

    Great fly and good notes.

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