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The Johni-O Pupa:

  • Hook: Mustad C67S #12
  • Bead Head: Any
  • Thread: Black 100 Denier GSP
  • Body: Caddis Green Ultra Chenille
  • Thorax: Peacock Ice Dubbing
  • Soft-Hackle: Partridge
  • Light Coating of Johni-O Wax

I tie this pattern on an Egg hook to keep a large hook gap with the shortest shank possible. I start by placing the bead on the hook and adding a few turns of weight that I tuck inside the bead. I use a strong thread to keep the chenille tight against the hook. Tie the chenille in right at the bead and wrap thread back just enough to dub the thorax and add the soft-hackle. Cut the chenille the length you want and singe the end with a lighter quickly. Next dub the thorax with the ice dubbing and brush dubbing out a bit to get a scraggly looking fly. I use a dubbing brush made from a popsicle stick with velcro glued to the end. Make sure to brush out the dubbing now because you will ruin the soft-hackle if you try to do it afterwards. Tie in one soft-hackle feather right at the bead and make one full turn, tie off. Use a very small amount of Johni-O wax (stroked to the rear) to pupify this fly. Thanks to KBarton over at SingleBarbed.com for the tip on the Johni-O. I fish this pattern regularly as the larger fly in my two fly nymph rigs, fish it deep and hang on tight.

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