Fly Tying can be an expensive craft, I’m fairly sure we all know this. Seeing the world around me makes me want to be more economic, get more for my buck, or bang, something like that. The goal of this series is to compile useful information regarding fly tying/fishing. And with that…

Weather Stripping/Door Seal:

Random Flies Hanging Around

   Door Seal from Fleet Farm      Goo Gone      Bench Fly Storage

The Start of My Hopper Army

This is the door seal that Liz suggested I find a use for in and around my tying bench. I was skeptical at first but after finding a need to temporarily hold flies for a moment while tying, I put a strip of this on my bench and I found that its excellent. It holds up well and if it needs to be replaced Goo Gone will take care of any residue left, a roll was less than $4 at Fleet Farm. This is something useful, cheap, and found locally. Also, If your into pinching all your barbs the foam lasts much longer.

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