So being fairly new, i.e. this is my first summer seriously fishing for trout, I didn’t fully understand what a friend of mine at work meant when he said he couldn’t wait for “hopper” season. Honestly, hindsight makes me think how could I not have known what he meant but I didn’t at first. Liz’s dad also mentioned “hopper” season and I asked more and found out that Grasshoppers begin showing up late July and early August and if one is in the right spot at the right time in the right sunny climate hoppers can be your best friend! 


Liz and I went fishing south of 90 one day early in Sept. and I had a hopper moment! I walked into four to five foot tall grass and found myself surrounded by an army of grasshoppers an inch long. I caught a few and picked the correct color. Its one of those moments where the fish will strike almost helplessly, with the proper presentation they can’t help it. Big strikes where the fish leap out of the water.


It was a good thing Liz was there to help me, I ended up needing her help to land quite a few good sized Rainbows. She netted and I slowly moved up the pool until finally at the end after 2hrs of good fishing one very large Rainbow hit my hopper for the last time, took it and promptly wrapped it around a log near my feet and gave me the fin as it took the hopper that I had caught over a dozen of his friends on. A fitting end to the night I thought. I had a blast with Liz and we got a few good pictures.

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