Today I fished almost the entrie length of one of the branches of the Whitewater River today. I would not recommend this for most people. This is on one end rediculious bordering on insane and on my end what I call ambitious. Early on I realized I managed to forget my camera sorry about that.


Started before 7 in a wet, cold, cloudy and rainy section of stream. On the advice of the vets I started with a pheasant tail nymph. I caught several smaller Browns working runs for a few hours through the rain. I was pleased to see that my Pt’s can infact catch fish. I fished for several hours in the morning working slowly up stream.


At 1pm I stopped and ate lunch and came to the conclusion that to make it to where I needed to be to pull out (I arranged for Liz to pick me up after dark and drive me back to my truck) I needed to cover some ground. So I started hiking. Now, here is some added info. I was wearing hip waders so keep that in mind. I had one of two choices, go through the stream or land. I was in state wildlife managment area and land was an option however this when I did do it was much like what I imagined the jungle of Vietnam would have looked like. Thick. Slow going, kept going. Saw an unbelievable amount of fish, I didnt stop to fish though, I felt I needed to make up ground before dark. 


I got to see a part of this stream that probably doesnt get fished to often because of how far one must hike from the nearest put in. I got to the point on the stream where I knew where I was and had plenty of time to hit my PT for a few more Brown one that hit 15in.  I wanted to take a top water strike so I started using a variety of terrestrials. The weather cleared up and sun shined for quite a while in the afternoon through dusk so I tried a variety of beetles and hoppers producing little. I switched to something I call a zug bug. Got a large one on that and it faught hard it was only 15in though but it jumped quite a bit. Only got the one strike and switched to the PT through the end of the night picking up a few more Brown and a Rainbow too. 


At the end I stopped fishing to notice something kind of special. At 545 I started seeing larger white what I believe to be Mayflies. I caught one and noticed two very long spotted feelers in front, two sets of wings, one grey the other white. The body was light orange turning to light yellow on the end. The body was very small, less than a 1/4in. I watched them dance on the water just teasing the trout. None landed, until about 6:20pm when I noticed two come togather and spin up high in the air and then drop to the water. They laid in the water for almost two minutes and then took off. I saw this a few more times and then just watched solo ones search, I’m assuming, for another pair. I watched until the very last one left flew and flew until it flew high and then droped. And was promptly eaten. That was the best part of the day and I wish I had my camera. I apologize for the length.


To say one thing, this was not easy. I was safe and carried lots of water and food for dinner. I had a map and a flashlight. I learned something important, stay dry. I need to re-evaluate my winter fishing gear to keep warm and dry. I was soaked from sweat under my waders and I was in only one pair of light pants. I’m sore but I feel accomplished. Goodnight.


The W.F.F.

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