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I met with Winona Senior High students taking the Fish and Wildlife class on Monday, May 24th. I gave a re-vamped version of the trout presentation that I gave last year but this year I updated it and tailored it more to explain the Driftless Area and the trout that reside here. I gave the usual PowerPoint presentation so that the students get some hard solid information regarding the specie of trout, the habitat they require, behaviors exhibited, food and diet, ect… We talk about angler ethics with regard to Catch and Release and we go over locations to fish. For me it is fun to talk to [singlepic id=1725 w=340 h=260 float=right]young minds that may perhaps be swayed to go find a trout stream later, maybe that one kid will grow up enjoying our resource and may contribute to it’s preservation in the future. Even with how good this place is now it can always be better.

I brought bugs that I picked from a stream earlier in the morning and passed them around explaning various aspects of their importance to trout, the jar of bugs tends to get kids to pay attention a bit more. This year I included more information on Fly Tying and I demonstrated three simple but VERY effective patterns, a Caddis Larva, Grey Caddis Adult and a Peacock and Partridge (because I had everything handy). I also decided to bring everyone outside for a short casting demonstration with the last ten minutes of the class period. Let me tell you, an hour and twenty minutes is no where near enough time to cover all that I could discuss regarding this subject. I hope I made it enjoyable. Thanks to Brian Sather and the Fish and Wildlife class for having me, I’ll be back the next time you call.

-the w.f.f.

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