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So as of June 1st I have been offically fly fishing for a year. I went out a few times prior to June 1st, 2008 but I was hooked right around the start of June and although I didn’t start the Winona Fly Factory until September, June holds the marker for me. I’ve learned a few things this year, funny how the more you learn the more you realize you don’t know shit, but I know I’ve been getting better so here is to another year of fly fishing in Southeast Minnesota! 

As a point of interest, the new rod I’ve been showing off is to replace the Cabela’s Prestige 7’6″ 4wt. that I’ve been fishing this entire time. Now if you read this regularly then you know how much that rod was worked. I used it almost daily last summer and froze the crap out of it during the winter season and I couldn’t have asked for more. I hate the thing now, I know it feels like casting with a broomstick but there is something to be said for a 50-60 dollar rod/reel combo that held up as well as it did. So to celebrate a year I figured a new rod was in order. 

This beauty cost a fair penny and I can thank my mother for help purchasing my second fly rod (she bought the 1st one too for a Christmas present). She sent me a gift certificate that significantly cut the cost of this rod down to something I could manage and damn does it feel great. I’m currently using the Eastfork Reel with a 4wt line so I’m over weighting the rod a bit but it casts so well. I feel my accuracy and feeling improving greatly, like buying a quality musical instrument, the right fly rod can really help. I chose an 8’6″ rod for alittle more length now knowing the areas I fish, I wanted more distance with my roll cast and the 3wt was a great choice as it feels even more fun to catch Minnesota trout. The rod is a 4pc which makes it more packable, a feature I really wanted. The rod loads smoothly and shoots line very well, snake guides and all. I am pleased and confident this rod with serve me well.

Something to think about. This is my life now, I used to fanatically play guitar. I own a Gibson Les Paul Standard, beautiful, but since this journey started, of which I am convinced I have little control over, it along with other things have been set aside. I choose between free time spent tying flies/fishing and all the other things I used to do. For me right now this is an easy decision as it occupies my brain a significant amount of the time. I will return to those things for that I am sure but for now… I believe slight tendencies towards OCD and loving the beautiful things I’ve seen has kept quick the pace at which I’m attempting to devour this adventure.  I’m fortunate to have Liz who puts up with alot of crap that comes along with loving a fishing bum, you other guys know what I’m talking about. In conclusion I should note that I am fishing as this is being automatically posted, I’ll be back with pictures and probably a story too. Peace

 p.s. Thank you, to everyone who has contirbuted to this over the past year. I’ve been given gear, I’ve been given information, friendship, ideas and a damn good time so if you’ve affected me thank you, especially Elizabeth Oliver.

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  1. Hey congratulations with your first year – from the looks of it, you have truly had yourself a banner year. I stumbled across your blog a few weeks ago and admire your rhetoric, photos, and love of all things fly fishing.

    I caught my first fish on a fly rod in May, a beautiful little brookie in northern Wisconsin, and I am thrilled to have begun my own fly fishing odyssey.

    Cheers! Keep up the great work!

    Wausau, WI

    avatar Cole
  2. WFF,

    Here’s a toast to year #1!

    You have done extremely well this year. My first year I didn’t catch squat. Not so much as a nip. Of course, I had no help, I just fumbled around with a friend who was fumbling around for the first time too. It took me almost two years before I caught my first little fish.

    Funny how that “OCD” thing works, I get that way about some things too, where I just soak it up and keep soaking until I’m sick and tired, then drop it and move to the next thing. I’ve been able to moderate that quite a bit and pace myself better as I get older. (I’ve got acoustic and electric guitars, tried for years to make it work for me, zippo on the coordination–so way to go you with the guitar playing, don’t let it slide).

    When you fish with Kyle in southern Utah, swing by northern Utah and we’ll throw a few flies here too.

    Enjoy year #2!

    -scott c

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