1. Wendy, the clousers I tied used standard bucktail for the white top half of the body but my stash of bucktail is limited so I opted for some of the bear fur you handed this way a while ago. I would say it works well as a substitute. Glad you had a good time in OR.

    John, I am a fan of the sixth finger. It’s taken a bit of time to get used to them and how they cut different materials. I reach for the sixth finger first ove my other scissors as of right now. I heard the invite to visit OR and those carp of yours from Wendy. If it’s something we can plan count me in. Looks like a damn good time.

  2. Talk to Wendy re: OR trip 2011. I can take time off whenever to make it work. Big fish best time = spring…best weather (meaning most pure sun) = late june/july. May can be scary good for big fish, or a total bust due to no light. In general though, i can put us on fish. I think you’d enjoy it…i’ve got gear (7, 8 wt rods, etc.)

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