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Notes and Observations:

  • On stream arrival at ~3:45pm, fished until 7:30pm
  • Water Clarity: Stained but Very Fishable
  • Air Temp: ~73 Degrees
  • Streamer Fishing Produced Little, Again…
  • Bummed to Find Fields of Garlic Mustard
  • Trout Rising until 5:30pm, A Storm Blew In
  • Fly Fishing a SERIOUSLY Deep Hole May Void Traditional Fly Fishing Rules

Being a stubborn ass I chose to visit the same site as yesterday, looking to land one of those larger trout I missed the day before. Seems to be a typical scenario for the W.F.F. as of late, lighter take, fish on, right about to my feet and it’s as if they could let go at any moment but noooo… they wait until after they’ve shown me their colors and are almost to my feet, at this point my line goes limp. Now I kind of set myself up for this again, a second day in a row, why you ask? Well I am always curious as to what affect a few small changes may make under similar conditions.

This stretch of water could be nymphed but it is wide, it is deep, and there arn’t many runs to concentrate trout. Rather this stretch has a sandy bottom and fewer but perhaps larger fish reside in the few cuts and debris piles hanging off into the stream. Casting is a pain with steep banks, trees, and limited access to various spots. A roll cast is a must, period. (Note: Be conscious of access line when roll casting, especially heavily weighted flies, I find I do much better when I don’t let my line get out of hand. I guess a good rule in general.) I worked upstream semi-quickly, I wasn’t doddling and I didn’t send my streamers through the same spot a dozen times, just once or twice and moved on. I sent a few down and across but nothing. [singlepic id=1641 w=320 h=240 float=left]One take on an upstream dead drift had a nice fish leaping out of the water only to tell me to kiss off a moment later, right as I was reaching for the net.

I fished up to the monster hole, sat and watched. Rising trout at the head of the hole, rising trout at the tail and nothing but deep darkness in between. Started with the streamer, sent that in and down a few times with nothing but a few followers to show for it. I tried different approaches to the streamer, downstream dead drift, straight downstream, slow stripping, fast stripping but nothing really to show for it. At this point the few rising fish had gotten to me, I swapped to a standard Grey Caddis pattern (X-Wing Style). Just a few drifts and I was reeling in the first of a few. The Caddis pattern, even after sunk, would still bring fish to surface if I pulled it up and across.

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Clouds rolled in, some rain came but not enough to send me home, at this point in my fishing journey if I am near water the only thing that sends me voluntarily packing is lightening. I waited through a few spells of high winds and rain once they passed so had the rising. At this point my goal was to just try to nymph the head of this hole. With a serious drop off and fish holding right on the edge I rigged a #16 Peacock and Partridge with a #16 Orange Scud for a trailer, both took fish. It took a while to find the right amount of weight to be added to my line but after a bit the trout were picking each off. I fished until my agreed upon departure time had come, then passed by a bit. I’m typically late coming home from fishing, it’s a symptom of addiction at this point.

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  1. Hey! not sure of your name, but I read your posts quite regular, great stuff! I live up in Ely, but grew up in SE Mn and have fished down there I guess I would say kinda religously (well as far as “my religon goes) since the late 70’s. Anyway I see you like to fish the streamers for the larger trout and I stumbled onto somethin’ a couple years ago that should interest you. I am a guide up here in Ely. I do canoe fishin’ trips here in Ely, from end of May-July, and then go up to Alaska and guide up there thru the end of Sept. anyway my all-time favorite fly for smallmouth up here has turned out to be a killer fly for big trout down there. I was fishin’ one day and it was high and muddy and I had one of my crayfish flies in my box for some reason and tossed it on and wammo, turns out it works great in the deeper holes usually swung downstream and across in quick little strips. Expecially at the head of a pool where a riffle poors in. the key to this fly is not that it is an exact duplicate of a crayfish, but it looks like a fleein’ crayfish, and then as you let it settle it always settles hook up and it looks just like a fleein’crayfish headin’ back to the bottom, and that is when they hit it. It is THE BEST WET SMALLMOUTH FLY IN THE WORLD!! I know I’ve got many many big smallies with it and it works on big trout too. It is basically a muddler minnow tied hook up, and wieghted just before the bend, and then some fox squirrel tail tied in for claws. I think you will get to see me email address on this post, shoot me an email and I will send you some photos of the fly. I have a photo album of how I tie it on Facebook if you are on there. anyway if you are interested let me know. thanks for the time you spend on the great posts!

    avatar Steve Eisenmenger

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