Hot Damn! Trout WaterCaught some time on a Southeast Minnesota trout stream with a friend of mine, we left a bit after noon to hit water in search of rising trout. Got on stream and saw a few Light Hendrickson’s, I figured they’d been coming off for a few hours prior to our arrival. I checked the rocks and I’m finding fewer Ephemerella nymphs which is leading me to think this hatch will be over soon on this stream. We both caught several on dries working out way through a jungle of Parsnips, stay away.

The last time I hit this spot I lost a Swimming PT to a trout that struck in a riffle next to exposed tree roots, not expecting to get dragged in, I didn’t get a chance to turn the trout before he broke me off. Today when we went back I wanted a chance to see if I could pull out what I thought might be that fish. I saw the a rising fish holding in the same spot, far up the run almost under a downed tree. 1st, pass, 2nd, pass, 3rd, there he was, sure enough in less than 8″ of water was a beautiful 15″ Brown just waiting to smack my fly. I pulled him back right away and kept him from the roots and landed him in the riffle downstream. Took photos and let him take off. We fished the first dig for another hour and hiked out to hit a questionable second spot. 

Brown Trout

New to both we weren’t sure what to expect. After a short drive we parked and assessed the situation, picked bugs and took a water temp. At 12:30 on the 1st stream the water temp read 61 degrees when I took it and at 3pm on the second stream I read almost 60 degrees. I found few mayfly nymphs of any kind, just the scant Ephemerella there were a bunch of 1st instar Beatis, almost too small to tell what they were. We saw a few March Browns hatching so be on the look out for those. Caught a few on streamers, little rising at 3pm on the second stream. Enjoyed a beautiful day in the sun, and the good company. I’m home now working on larger March Brown dry flies for next week should the opportunity arise. 

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