Hit a stretch of the cold clear stuff last Friday morning, had a bit of time to kill and with the rapidly rising daytime air temps getting out while it is still cool makes for a much more enjoyable time on the water. I arrived at just after 7am and fished until about 9:45am, fished only a #8 SMB on a shorter leader trying to tempt anything willing to bite. The [singlepic id=1716 w=400 h=320 float=right]point of this morning was not to fish hard, no, more of a different kind of coffee to start my day. The smell of wet morning woods as I go hiking through the mud. I kicked up three Blue Herons, one was so close to me I jumped quite a ways.

Third cast and I was hooking into one of a few fish for the morning. The trout are becoming more active and willing to strike or think about striking a streamer than they were a month ago. Each pass on a new spot with the streamer induced several strikes but by the fourth pass if you hadn’t stuck the hook you were done. I lost a fair share of them but what I’m taking away from this one is that with the warmer weather the trout are becoming much more active and willing to smack anything that looks like it might be food. Take note of the water temp by 9:30am, 54 degrees, it reminds me to think early when it comes to the Light Hendrickson hatch that is either here or on it’s way soon. If it’s 9:30am and already pushing 54 degrees then it won’t be much later before it’s 58 degrees and those bugs are hatching. I ho-hummed it upstream and landed a few smaller trout and a couple of decent ones, enjoyed the rainy morning weather in comfort as I fished back up to the truck before taking off for work. The summer feels like it is here to stay.

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    1. John, thanks for the compliment on my site it’s an ever evolving work in progress. To answer your question the SMB is a streamer I sort of came up with but not really. Basically it’s a bugger pattern, marabou tail, chenielle body with hackle but I put a collar near the head right behind the cone head I use to give it more flash. I call it the Sprinkle Me Baby and thus the SMB, something I like to sing to myself when I get a good fish on. If you want to see a picture of one search in the upper right corner in the title box at the top for Sprinkle Me Baby and it will pull up all the posts I’ve used it in. You are bound to find a picture there. Take care.

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