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Couldn’t get to the water until 12:30pm. Clouds were about, air temp was cooler in the upper 40’s and rather windy. With a short hike downstream I rigged my line with a #16 Black Flashback PT with a #16 Partridge and Peacock trailer. I started with an indicator set about three feet above the my splitshot which was about 10inches from my 1st fly. I lost four of the first five strikes then landed the first of several brown trout, it took the #16 P&P. I would learn this day how absolutely ridiculous this fly is. If you don’t have this in your box, write the following down, stop reading this and go straight to your vise.

  • Pull out a #16 Scud Hook (I like 1X Short)
  • Grab a stretch of Hot Yellow SM Ultra Wire
  • Wrap the wire on the shank, above the barb, tightly X 5 turns.
  • Glue it in place (I like Zap-A-Gap)
  • Tie in 70 Denier Black Tying Thread, Wrap Back to the Wire
  • Tie in Peacock Herl, Wrap Thread Forward, Then the Herl, Tie Off, Clip
  • Tie in A Soft-Hackle (I like White), X 2 Wraps, Tie Off
  • Wrap Thread for a Small Head, Whip Finish

Back to the 10th, it’s 1:15pm and I’ve been fishing for maybe twenty minutes, check the rocks and the water temp, it’s cool at 52 degrees, cloudy and the fish are active. I drop my indicator because the trout are crushing the #16 P&P almost every cast, what is the deal with this thing? I found I lost more fish with the indicator, they were smacking it right as it entered the water and it was easier to tighten my line and kind of drag the fly. Most of the trout were small under 10 inches for sure, maybe 20 fish in an hour. Moved upstream and hit a hole, by now the BWO’s were popping but the hatch was thin, I saw maybe 10 BWO’s float by in 5 minutes. Enough to keep the trout active and near the surface [singlepic id=1659 w=320 h=240 float=left]but not enough for me to try and force feed them an imitation, consider the wind in this scenario and the gin clear water.

I kept swinging the two fly rig and took only two trout on the PT, which I put on because the rocks were screaming Ephemerella, the Invaria are coming…Light Hendricksons, look for 58 degrees in the water. Today that wasn’t going to happen, second water temp a few hours later read 52 degrees? No change. No Hendricksons for sure now. No big deal. I missed A TON of strikes, a few of them hit the PT for sure. I took a couple on it but nothing compared to it’s partner. The rain was holding off and other than losing my rig to a tree across the stream on it’s ~25th trout I was in good shape. A bit of tippet and only a single #16 P&P I was off taking more colorful brown trout in no time. Landed nothing spectacularly large, just enjoyed working my nymphing skills and trying any spot that looked fishy.

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Dinner was on my mind today, I chose this place because it offered a large amount of smaller trout that could easily become dinner for me and maybe a few of my friends. I wanted five, man did I get to pick my fish this day. I chose to take only the 10-11inch trout leaving the younger fish to grow and the older fish a chance to create tomorrow’s trout. Stomach contents were clear and read nothing but snail, snail, snail, caddis case, green goup, snail. I worked upstream, took a few more trout and enjoyed the forested area I moved into, shelter from the wind. Turned around and hit a spot or two on the way back to cull the last of my limit. Time to hit the bench and tie more of these flies, curious to see what the stocker rainbows will do when they see it.

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  1. Being new at this fly tying business, I like the simplicity of this and am putting it on my list of flies in my aresenal. I’ll try it in Northern California and report back. That is, right after the lakes thaw.


  2. I little like the Wilted Spinach, in that it’s a jumble of legs with something attractive behind it. I don’t have any yellow wire and I don’t buy anything, ever, so I’ll sub something there… but I’ll work a few of these and set them along side the WS in my box. Give them both a fair trial this weekend.

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