Close Presentations RequiredSershen and I hooked up for a trip to a stream I visited only once this summer. We set out down this stream and it was as if I had just hiked it. This stream is similar to Possum in that it stays gin clear almost all the time. I love how different streams have drastically different personalities. Car Door Alley is a beautiful, lively, difficult stream to fish. The woods are right on top of you, your odds of needing a roll cast; 90 percent and there seemed to be a natural obstacle, log or a tree branch, something blocking every decent run or hole, a great environment for trout to thrive and here they do.

the Winona Fly FactoryWe started off and ran the first few runs and pools down quick, I would say that within fourty minutes we had fished and explored the entirety that I had seen this summer. We continued on up stream with the goal of exploring one of the two headwater systems that feed Car Door Alley. After a certain point catching a fish became less important than studying the creek. With several feeder springs in the headwaters we were busy picking bugs and taking water temps. This stream, just like Possum has a very large number of the rock cased caddis and we noticed the bio mass change drastically from one type of caddis to another in between feeder springs. I would guess this is related to the change in water condition between them. 

We caught few fish but studied the creek and prepared for the return. As we went we enjoyed the sunshine on our backs, one very nice thing about this place is that after four plus hours of hiking in after you break your rods down you can make it out in less than thirty minutes. Sershen has some great underwater photos here.


  1. Nice photos. I am glad I loaned you my camera.

    I have some Hendrickson Pink dubbing and I use size a 18 Adams – a size 16-14 Hennie with a size 16 -18 zug bug trailer about 8-10 inches down.

    The zug bug imitates those casings and emergers we watched in the tail of the pool the other day.

    I have hooks. I typically tie the lead fly as a parachute for an indicator when the hatch gets heavy.

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