Clover Spying the Trout I caught. (Can't see the fish in the photo, I tried though)I agreed to watch my neice Chloe yesterday and with the nice weather I decided that we needed to get out of the house for an hour or two. Being realistic with my expectaions I picked a place that was easy to traverse, close to a public restroom and a park so we could play around for a bit should she decide that staying in the pack was not what she wanted to do. We arrived and I rigged my rod with a Caddis larva and a Pink Patrick prior to getting the little one out of the car seat and into the pack. I was smart to think that once in the pack she would not want to sit still so I prepared everything I needed prior to getting her out of the car. In the pack we quickly set off, I brought the rod but really didn’t think I would be fishing that much.


Trout StreamWe hiked downstream walking near the stream and listening to the flowing water. Clover did well in the pack and we hiked downstream to the spot I wanted to attempt to take a few fish quickly with the random noise, burp or giggle coming from the fifteen month old along the way. With Chloe on my back I started swinging my nymph rig careful to keep the hooks in the water, the Pink Patrick immediatly took a smaller brown trout and as the fish jumped I heard laughter from behind me. I landed the fish showing the Clover what I had caught, her first trout.

I took another fish and sure enough as the splashing started I heard happy noises from behind me. I managed to nymph up a nicer brown but it released itself from my barbless hook before I could get a photo of it. We moved upstream and Chloe began to squirm a bit but as I began to hike she passed out taking her nap on my back. With the little one asleep I was free to swing at a few more fish and I took the opportunity. The Pink Patrick nymphed up two smaller browns and a brookie that I lost before it came to hand.  I fished for a bit longer and then I woke Chloe to play in the park before leaving. Fun to show fly fishing to the youth, probably more fun for me at this age but fun just the same.

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  1. Good idea to leave her in the car as you rigged up. Connor’s first trip with me in his pack left him with dirt in his mouth. As I was rigging up, he sqirmed and tipped the pack over, landing him on his face. But it wasn’t anything a lollypop couldn’t mend.
    Its so rewarding to put little tikes on their first fish. She might never remember this trip, but I’m sure you will never forget.

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