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To take a trout with one of these. I picture it going down something like this… After a good long day of fishing the Driftless Area during spring/summer I will migrate towards home, along the way I will make a mental note of any and all areas I know to hold larger trout. I’ll pull up right as the sun is setting behind the bluffs, rig up and head to the spot. I’ll get there earlier than needed but that’s the kind of guy I am. I’ll scope the situation out, put myself in the right spot and wait until the light fades.  When the time is right I’ll plop one of these guys near the head of a pool, throw in a big upstream mend to counter the pull of the strong current. I’ll let it drift a bit maybe half way through the pool, then I’ll twitch one of these furry beasts to my feet hoping for the opportunity to take a Driftless Area trout on a mouse. This should pose a decent challenge, I’m sure I’ll let you know how it goes but first it’s got to warm up a bit around here.

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    1. I don’t think your an idiot. It is traditionally spun but I used deer hair from a hide that I cured, after doing some research and using the hair myself it is very different than the deer hair you would get at a fly shop, that might explain a bit why it looks off. I didn’t want to use my better hair due to lack of experience spinning deer hair but I wanted to give it a shot and I figured this mouse pattern would float even with the poorer quality hair, I guess we will see.

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