Cloudy day on the water today, I think the temp was only 68 at the high point in the morning. I chose to head south of 90 to see if I could find trout in a new spot before the season ends. I drove and enjoyed the morning drinking my coffee. Got to the stream and strung up a tato-scud and immediately hooked a small silverish looking fish. I thought about what to do, kill it? Was it eating the trout resources? I didn’t know if that was the case and so I let it go. I continued to fish and every time I got a strike it was a small silverish looking fish. I kept going and after a while and not seeing even one trout I decided to move to another stream. I headed north across 90 and caught a few brown with the zugbug even when fish weren’t rising. My casting is getting better and I was able to drop the terrestrial very very close to a bank of weeds and got an excellent fighting brown for my efforts. I continued fishing the zug for a while. Had a good time but wanted some more sun. I decided to take off at 2 after catching a half dozen.

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