Went out for a few more hours of hunting. I wanted to do an experiment to see what affect a few changes have so I went back to the exact same spot I tried last night at the same time. The weather conditions were almost exactly the same. The trout were rising just as last night so I set up the same rig. A high float caterpillar (see W.F.F. Flies) with a tato scud trailing more than two feet behind. I had several serious strikes last night and was looking for more of the same. Tonight however, things were very different. After getting nothing on the rig from last night I added a larger prince nymph as a dropper before the tato scud and I changed how deep to set the dropper a few times. Still nothing. So I tried a Pink Patrick, A flash caddis. Nothing. I put on a Zug Bug and got a nice sized brown but it has almost no markings. I promptly released it and tried again. Nothing again on the zug bug, lots of looks no takes and I was very careful to let it drift naturally and float high. Nothing. I swapped to a caddis stimulator then to a cricket. Nothing. One fish. Still had fun just didnt understand why I wasn’t catching them like last night. 

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