I don’t think I’ve been this anxious about anything regarding fishing, I want the winter season so damn bad I can practically feel my toes going numb from sitting in the same spot for hours trying to take tiny brown trout on a #20 Midge.  Everyone has their favorite time of the year to fish, mine just happens to be during the coldest part of the year. [singlepic id=2222 w=320 h=240 float=left]Fishing the four best hours of the day, going home to tie flies and sit infront of the fire. Someone cryogenically freeze me until  Dec. 31st, then thaw me out just enough so I can go fishing, right Carl?

Hiking through miles of snow covered bank, snowshoes, frozen guides, frozen fingers, crystal clear water, tiny bugs…I want it all and I want it now. I sound like a whiny girl, yea I can hit the road, be in Iowa shortly and no-doubt my boots will cross that border again before the winter season begins but not without a bad taste forming in my mouth. I like the fix that Iowa can give me but in the same respect, it’s not my water, it’s not my home and therefore I need to remember that the pause, the build up to the winter season is one of the reasons why I love it so much. Spending the three months prior tying flies, cleaning my gear, spying maps for new places to fish, all of it gets me so excited to see it that it turns the 5°F airtemp into a heatwave (that and I know what to wear). Below are the video’s I made last winter season, damn I am looking forward to the snow. Until then the list is long and I’ve got boxes and boxes to fill, things to scrub, places to dream about.


  1. Don’t forget about smallmouth…I have been having fun chasing them around for the last couple weeks! I do agree that winter is great though, the solitude, silence and some great fishing if you hit it just right. You could also go hunting in the fall, thats another way I get my fix until Jan. 1st, that and I get more tying materials and delicious meat to smoke!

    avatar Ross
  2. I hadn’t really looked forward to winter fishing season until this year, and in particular the last couple weeks. My weekends feel very empty.. Iowa is hours away or I would heard there. For now, tying some cool new streamers and restocking the nymph box…. Oh, to dream…


  3. Indeed Cam, that water will be fished in the coming months. We should also look at some new water north of you a bit as well.

    Paul, I’m dreaming with you man. My only dissapointment is that we are stuck fishing the pink lines of winter sections. Right now I’ll make a pledge that if the regs change to allow all creeks fishable during the winter season that I will fish everyday for the first two weeks (and maybe longer).

    Ross, I was never exposed to much hunting. Liz’s dad is trying and I’m slowly coming around to the idea. Turkey, pheasant and deer would be on the list but it is a whole different world to step into.

    Evan, good to hear from you again. I try to fight the off season blues by tying flies and getting my winter conditioning in hiking around in snowshoes. I try to stay outside as much as possible to get aquainted with the cold, I plan to spend alot of time in it this year.

    Thanks guys, here’s to the Winter Season. Raise a good beer when you get home tonight in honor of being outside in the Driftless Area.

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