DooDooDoo-Looking Out My Back Door (the Mighty Miss.)

In an effort to prepare myself both mentally and physically for the winter season that I have geared myself up for, I took the dog out for a while to see how my gear was suited for the cold. I dawned thermals, pants, an extra long sleeve shirt, pants, insulated hip waders, wool socks, coat, hat and gloves. I realize this experience will differ from actual fishing in that I wasn’t too near water, I didn’t get my hands wet and I was moving quite a bit. I was pleased to find that I was not cold even after more than an hour and it was under 20 degrees out and the wind was blowing hard near the river, conditions will differ when I go fishing. I would have gone out for much longer but I had the dog and her leg was getting cold, you know the steel plate doesn’t come with its own heater but she did very well, even kicked up two deer. This is one of those, I wish this had more to do with fly fishing posts but I’m certainly thinking about it. 

   Lily in the Snow               Me and My Dog             Lily Looking at the River

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