Where Does Your Creek Come From?

The beauty and awe of the Driftless area is in part due to the numerous springs that are the primary source of our coldwater, without it we would not have the wonderful place I call home and my back yard. I am possibly one of the most fortunate people on the planet and this video will hopefully put you in my boots for a minute. My creek comes from the ground, in the world of trout streams there are very few that originate this way. Driftless Love.

-the w.f.f.

Music by Winona native Mike Munson, I ran sound for his set at the Midwest Music Festival this year and this song really caught my ear, it just felt right for this video.



  1. Very nice video, I really liked the video of what I think is the blue wing olive hatch.



  2. Best vid I’ve seen in a long time. Well done and thanks.

  3. awesome video man! Reposted this on my site too!

  4. Thanks guys, I’m glad you dig the video. I’ve gotten some positive responses and I appreciate it a lot.

    D, thanks for the re-post.

  5. very nice!

  6. That was great! Good choice on the music too, I agree it fit perfectly!

  7. Nice work man. Good stuff.

  8. Justin, this is exceptional. Thank you for sharing, and for exposing me (us) to the music of Mike Munson. Great stuff. Cheers.

  9. Nice video! Go’s right to the heart of what trout fishing is all about and brings a little tear to the eye.

  10. Thanks all, I appreciate the feedback.

  11. Cole, if you like Munson you can download his entire set at the link below. I ran sound for his set and another guy taped it for archive.org. He has a few other shows up there as well I believe. Glad you dig the tune.


  12. This was an amazing video. So peaceful. That guys song is out of this world!
    He’s perfect. Hope he sells his music… I want to hear more!
    Thanks for sharing!

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