Weekend fly tying has brought me to a few different patterns. I worked with some new materials including CDC. I also got to use some of the deer hair that Liz and I cured from the hide I got a few days ago. The hide as a whole needs more time but I was able to use a small piece for a dozen or more flies. 


I tied a dozen CDC and Deer Hair Emergers. I also tied a half dozen Soft Hackle Midge Emergers. The last one above is an IOBO pattern. This is supposed to be a great multi-fly pattern but has the downside of being entirely CDC which can only hand one good fish and then I will have to tie another one on until the latter dries fully.


I tied a scud pattern both with and without a bead head. I titled this the Page Scud due to the fact that I use a mix of Grey Rabbit dubbing and my cat Page’s fur. This mix gives the lighter grey a darker more natural color. I finished by tying a half dozen CDC and Deer Emergers using peacock herl to form the thorax rather than dubbing. That makes 11/50 dozen.

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