Long leaders, tiny flies and rising trout. This is what I remember about my first few years as a trout angler in southeast Minnesota and I was fortunate enough to catch it again yesterday. Nothing except my daughter (she’s 14 months old now) is as challenging to film and photograph as adult caddis flies. They skitter and dart in an erratic fashion almost never sitting still. I rushed to put this video together so that others will see it and hopefully get caddis fever as now is the time to get on the water. Yesterday (4/25/18) this occurred heavy from 1:30-3pm, see my post regarding the day here. I fished a #16 and #18 Elk Hair Caddis in a tan wing and a grey wing. I hope you enjoy this footage and if so let me know and pass it along for others to enjoy, I work hard on these videos and the information in this site so that others may get the information they need to be successful when they visit the place I call home.


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