I couldn’t wait and felt I had to upload this brief video of these driftless brook trout rising to #20 and #22 midge. I slowed this footage down 50% and using a polarizing filter I tried to make it as clear as possible. The vantage point we had high on a cut bank was perfect for filming and I got plenty of footage of these guys. Take note of all the sub-surface feeding happening from the larger brookies. Also look at the positioning of the larger fish taking the prime feeding locations further in the front. Observations of this type of footage can teach an angler a lot about the behavior of these fish. I could have stared down into that water enjoying those brookies all day. I eventually had to try and catch a few of them and catch we did. Carl was with, dry flies, #20 nymphs and streamers proceeded to pull trout after trout out of this spot. I would call this brookolicious.



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