find the midge featuredBeautiful weather, hatching midge, and cooperating trout made this day spectacular. I should note that I’m about to make big investments in new and updated photography and video equipment as I am feeling rather limited with what I can do given my current equipment. It’s likely going to take a few months to get everything I need ready and there will be a learning curve that’s for sure but I’m hoping to bring better images and a wider array of video shots to your eyes. I love getting a good image or video clip and I am increasingly frustrated when something just doesn’t work out because the hardware is incapable of doing what my brain sees as a possibility.

Let me know if you any suggestions or things you’d like to see from the fly factory in the future. All in all I’m fairly satisfied with this video attempt. The music was a no-brainer, nothing like Cash covering Soundgarden. Click the add images off right away and pay attention to the rising, some of it is a bit hard to see. Also make sure you set the video to 1080p resolution, it’s worth it. Thanks for watching.


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