Tying streamers, its something I do often because I happen to fish streamers perhaps more than others. As an angler in the driftless area I’ve developed my style over the past ten years and it has led me to enjoy covering more ground and fishing streamers more often than I fish nymphs or dry flies. I’ve not been one to post much regarding the gear, equipment or other things I use and perhaps that should change to some extent, maybe it will help someone who reads this. With that I’ve needed to replenish my stash of GSP thread. GSP or Gel Spun Polythylene is super strong for its bulk and I use it mainly for two applications. 1. Tying any flies that require elk or deer hair. GSP makes securing elk or deer hair much easier, my only advice here is that you should make sure your thread is flat when applying your initial thread wraps or you risk cutting the fur with the thread. When the thread is in a tight rope as opposed to flat it is strong enough to cut most tying materials straight off the hook. 2. Tying streamers, you just get more bite with this thread and I like knowing that when I secure a material it isn’t going anywhere.

I recently purchased several spools of Veevus GSP tying thread from sellers on eBay. My initial impressions were excellent, the thread was exactly what I was hoping to get and for the price the spools of 75m are a better value than the UTC (now Wapsi I believe) GSP with only 50yards on each spool. One issue I’ve had with GSP is that the nature of the thread can lend to fraying or tangling and I have yet to notice that with the Veevus thread. I’ve had spools of UTC thread that were so tangled into a huge mess that I was forced to discard them and start fresh with a new spool, this is not to say that it won’t happen with the Veevus thread but at this point I have yet to have it happen. The other perhaps most exciting thing is that they make the GSP in a 30denier! The only manufacture that I’m aware of that makes it this thin which will be absolutely stellar for tiny dry flies. I plan to pick up a few spools of the 30denier as soon as possible.

I typically use a 50denier for smaller flies <#12 and 100denier for anything larger. I have a few spools of 150denier for tying big pike and bass flies but for the vast majority of my flies I use the 50 and 100 in white and black. I typically don’t tie much with other colors probably because I typically use a marker to color the white to what I want and then coat it with super glue or UV resin to ensure it stays that color. The GSP allows you to use fewer thread wraps and thus limit bulk. After burning through what I estimate to be half a spool I am glad I made this purchase. Check out the Veevus website and the other products they offer, I am going to be looking to them in the future for thread and other materials.

*disclaimer* I have no affiliation with and did not take any funds or products to write this post. I paid for the thread myself and if it had sucked I would have told you as much.


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