The w.f.f. Hairball was originally constructed for the Pet Fly Smackdown in 2010. The PFSD was a group of guys who got together in various locations, sometimes near Duluth, Chicago, SE MN, and other places I wasn’t a part of. I was fortunate enough to participate for three years and I’ve been seriously thinking about attempting to resurrect this weekend again this summer. The rules for the smackdown were pretty simple as I recall, you construct any fly, in any sizes, using at least one material from a pet you own as a critical component to the pattern. You can tie and fish as many flies as you’d like but only your entry fly counted towards the total number of inches for the weekend. You submitted two of your flies to the box for the winner of the weekend then after the Friday night schenanigans were done everyone woke Saturday morning to fish. You could fish as a team as well, fish inches were totalled then subtract the number of fish caught from the total inches and divide by the number of people fishing on the team. Length totals were all on the honor system and it was basically just a reason for guys who love fishing to get together on a Friday night in a cabin located someplace in SE Minnesota or Iowa (as I was a part of this when it was staged in the area down here) tie flies, dream of fishing the next two days and drink beer, make good food, etc…sounds like a damn good time to me… The year we fished Iowa in December the conditions sucked, we were cold and wet the entire weekend and we had to ditch out as early as we could to avoid an ice storm but it was still an excellent time.

So I’ve recently been fishing this pattern alot in a #8,10 and 12. As a way to perhaps give myself an assignment I set out to a local coffee shop to get enough video to put together a fly tying video for this pattern of sorts. My goal was to come up with something that was able to explain how the fly is constructed but not in the typical, straight forward, I talk to the camera while you watch me physically tie the fly in real time sort of way. I’ve already done that with this pattern and if you’re interested you can find it linked below. Instead I wanted to push my ability to tell a story through film and to that end I think I did alright. I learned quite a bit in the process, take alot of film…then keep filming… It turned out decent and I’d be interested to know if viewers preferred one style of “tying” video over another and if the stylized version I am presenting here does a good enough job explaining how to put this pattern together. Let me know in the comments below, thanks.

-the w.f.f.

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