Fly fishing for trout in Southeast, MN can be hunting, if you want it to be. I think about how one must be conscious of movement, location, relation to the prey. The fact that the nature of the skeptical trout constantly feeding makes the job of the fly fisherman challenging and exciting.

The spring creeks I visited this last summer made learning how to fly fish difficult at times. The tight proximity to trees, weeds, and any other object that might make a nice big back cast turn sour proved to be a great environment for me to learn.

Having to wade despite the obvious reasons not to, to present a fly to an unsuspecting fish less than fifteen feet away while standing in the water and still managing to fool it into the take. These are the things I think about when I remember my first summer of trout hunting. I enjoyed catching larger trout but found that even when I was in a place that only held eight inch trout I was pushed to learn a different skill or different approach. That is not to say you can’t find big open water, I just like the option to pick a challenge.


Fishing for trout on the fly is exciting and wonderfully peaceful. Hearing nothing but the sound of running water. Concentrating on nothing but the drift of your fly things like bills, work, back pain all seem to fade to a distant whisper. I always loved going to a new place, even if I didn’t catch anything I still had the journey of exploring around the next corner or in the next hole and since this was my first real season fly fishing in the driftless area there was a lot of new water to find. 

On a final note. I’ve learned more in the last six months than I ever thought possible. There is something about this that has fifty percent of my brain tuned in while the other half resumes mundane existence. At times I feel confident that I am using my time wisely and learning what I should in a way that applies to me, other times I feel overwhelmed by the amount of information I find and read. There can be alot to this if you want it to be, or you can be the guy who ties 10 patterns and fishes buggers the rest of the time. I guess for me this is more than a casual sport, this is life with my head stuck in the water.

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