“Guys at the WFF,

I want to thank you for such a great blog on fly fishing the driftless area.  A year ago I caught my first brown on one of those streams and my own addiction started.  I soon found your blog and ever since, I check daily for new updates and posts.  Your information on there is so detailed and helpful.  before an outing I always check back  to every archived year to see how you did find out what could be hatching on the stream.  Now, I live in Colorado  but the fishing continues and I caught my first brookie on your SMB. This fly is Joel and His Brookiefantastic and is one of the few the fish will take up here while the water is too cold for bugs to hatch.  I figured it was time for me to say thank you so much for you blog, it has taught me so much and really inspired my love for flyfishing trout.

Keep up your awesome work.


Joel, nice looking brookie! Keep it up man. Thank you.

It means a lot to get emails like this, positive feedback that continues to push me to work harder to bring you, the driftless angler more accurate information. I have to apologize for a lack of tying information and stream reports lately. May has just been a bear for me with my brother’s wedding just finishing up and taking on a second job it’s a challenge to get to the creek regularly but trust me, I’ll get there soon and when I do more information will come your way. To Joel and everyone who gets something out of this, thank you for letting me know, I appreciate you and your love of angling. It’s pretty satisfying knowing that something I started with the sole intention of tracking my own progress would turn into something that helps others stay in touch with something they have found a love of. Thank you again,

-the w.f.f.



  1. What Joel said goes for this cat to! I’ve been chasing streams and dreams for 32 yrs now with fly rod in hand and in the short time I’ve been following the WFF I’ve been hooked! Great website and great info! LIVE TO FISH AND FISH TO LIVE!!! THANKS J.D

    avatar J.D
  2. I ran into the same lt. hendrickson hatch last weekend (red wing) also. Caddis, BWO, and march browns as well. Three over 18″ came to hand (or broke off on a cripple pattern) on dry flies during this hatch. I don’t fish subsurface during the regular trout season anyway, no reason to. Not an unusual hatch, all hatches are behind this year. I fish the lt. hendrickson hatch every year on a couple of streams, not too rare in my neck of the woods.

    avatar Eero's dad

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