Very Old Dimmer 3 kilowatt DimmerToday I found that tying and fishing are so much a part of my life they just seem to seep in throughout the day. This is when you become acutely aware that the hunt has taken over. So today while at work I found myself cleaning out the old equipment and came across the pile of old dimmers from the dimming system that I helped replace at the High School.

Wire from Dimmer packI passed by and thought of the wire and the suggestion from others that if your hard up for tying wire to cut into an old extension cord for the copper inside. I looked at the fat wires and decided to cut one out. GOLD, RED GOLD, wait COPPER!! Excellent 10″ sections of very thin red copper wire. I grabbed my wire cutters and went to work removing quite a few sections that would otherwise have gone to a recycling center when the whole lot goes out the door. They won’t miss some scrap copper.  

Semi-Unconcious German ShorthairAfter work the dog had a Vet appt. this dog is a very large part of my life and hopefully after this leg heals she will be able to hit the woods and water with me again. She had to sit her pheasant hunt out this year but I’m hopeful she will be ok for next season to hunt up more tails. Broken Dog LegShe had surgery in September after a bad frisbee jump, she won’t be playing disc anymore, we will stick with a ball. Her bone is just now, six months later, beginning to calcify.

After the vet appointment we happened to be driving fairly close to trout and I just couldn’t help stopping to look at a new stretch of water and if the warmer temperature had encouraged midge activity. I took few pictures but saw trout, however I didn’t see any signs of midge, it might have been alittle late in the day. 



Trout Stream

So as I round out my day I’ve decided to try out that wire and combining it with the need for midge options, the Brassie has come to mind.

Brassie Variant:

Brassie Variant tied by W.F.F.

  • Hook: #18-#20 Nymph Hook
  • Thread: Black 70 Denier
  • Body: Red Wire
  • Thorax: Peacock Ice Dub


  1. Great looking fly, I often keep odd bits of wire or shiny sweet wrappers I find and I recently cut up an old teat from a baby’s bottle to make some great nymph bodies. I think I might take apart some of those unwanted electrical appliances in the kitchen cupboard, there might be something interesting in their innards.

    avatar David

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