After rooting around in a few of my favorite spots from last season I found a few has two or more varieties of Baetis(BWO) nymph. One of which stood out to me and as such I’ve tied essentially a Hare’s Ear nymph with a different color body and wing case. I tried to tie these as close as I could to the original size of the nymph and I think I came pretty close, next sample I get I will compare. I decided to dub this fly the Yeller Belly Baetis. So here it is: 

The Yeller Bellied Baetis

The Yeller Belly:

  • Hook: #16-18 2xLong Nymph
  • Thread: Yellow 8/0
  • Tail: Lemon Woodduck Fibers
  • Rib: Silver SM Ultra Wire
  • Body: Yellow/Pale Yellow Dubbing Mix
  • Wing Case: Pearlecent Krystal Flash
  • Thorax: Yellow Dubbing

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