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It was a busy month. We used our time before snowfall to get used to the new place and prep for the eventual reality that is winter in Minnesota. We survived our first bought of nastier weather after a category 3 hurricane struck most of Minnesota. Seems weird to hear but the barometric pressure registered that of a cat. 3 not too long ago setting a new record for the state, had the winds been over water they would have been much worse. I got a good idea of everything that could move, wasn’t nailed down or secured somehow. Liz and I began exploring the state park that happens to be rather close to where I sleep. Hiking trails with a beautiful view of the Mississippi river are not far and I’m thinking the snowshoes will get a good work out this winter. Despite the busy schedule an Iowa run was seen almost two weeks ago. A short run arriving earlier in the morning and fishing until 2pm. Beautiful weather with Brown’s actively feeding, most took my #18 Orange Scud. I was a bit disappointed to see two new beaver dams slowing things down on a stream that had none last year. If time permits I may find myself crossing the southern border again before too long. My tying room is [singlepic id=2033 w=320 h=240 float=right]coming along, I basically get an entire room to house my madness. Things need to be pulled from boxes but a few evenings and I’ll have the factory up and running again. Look for more from the fly factory soon, I’ve got some off-season tying to catch up on. Thinking dry flies for next season…

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  1. Justin–I’ve been looking at your archives. Nice to know that our favorite fish will eat ladybugs and devastators. I’m already looking forward to the January winter opener. Your endorsement of the Hairball is very persuasive; I’ll try those too. Another fisher and I have just started a blog on various subjects, mostly related to trout: http://trouttyme.blogspot.com/ We will probably be asking you soon for commentary on the vagaries of macroinvertebrate photography. The Trout Center may have a winter workshop on that topic if we can find some speakers.

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