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The Peacock and Partridge pattern that Tim Barker a.k.a. Planet Trout introduced me to a year ago turned into a spring/summer staple and for weeks I fished it hard. The #16 with the Hot Yellow Wire proved to be the most effective. I fished it deep as a trailing nymph , as a solo wet fly and even as a dry fly (as long as the floatant kept it riding high). This fly just rocks and I had to tie another dozen for the coming months, I remember it being particularly effective on the rise by allowing the fly to sink then simply high sticking a run, fish would bolt from the depths to grab this bad boy within inches of the surface. For this round I tied half exactly as last year and half with Orange dyed peacock herl.

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I also sat down to work on an emerger pattern for the coming BWO hatches. I turned to Charlie Cravens Mole Fly pattern for inspiration. I played with some material substitutions such as CDC Puffs instead of the regular CDC feather that Charlie uses. I can trim some of the CDC out on-stream if need be so for the time being I put an entire Puff on each fly then played around with some beaver dubbing along with a couple other options, some I tied with dry fly dubbing and others with Hare’s Mask to see which perform better than others. I plan to fish these trailing a standard dry fly, hopefully the CDC Puff will achieve the effect I was hoping for, something like a Klinkhammer type dry fly. The trout will let me know how I did.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion JRS. I used the CDC simply because I had it handy and Craven’s pattern calls for CDC but I have been looking at a few patterns that call for the snowshoe hair. I need to pick the material up and get to work. I’ll get a few Fuzzballs in my box as soon as I get the snowshoe hair.

  2. Justin,

    Thanks for the link !!!

    Now get yerself UV Chewee Skin for some Caddis Gummis…this stuff is GREAT…Tie in and off with FLAT thread (bobbin spun counter clock wise) finish heads with Softex, Aquaflex or Epoxy…regular head cements melt this stuff…

    PT/TB 🙂

  3. Andy, this is the first time I’ve used dyed peacock herl. The stuff I have is strung and a while back I read an article on Switter’s B’s (links to the right) site regarding herl cut from the left side of the quill, that if tied in and wound a specific way gives the fullest bushiest herl when palmered. I’ve avoided the strung herl because it’s more difficult to find those peices of herl. With that said I like this orange stuff, I’m thinking it will get used on a few Black Wet Flies or Beetles. Take care.


    Anytime, I’ve found tons of good information from reading your posts over the last couple years, thanks for that. I’ll look into the Chewee skin, sounds interesting.

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