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The W.F.F. CDC Midge Pupa

  • Hook: #20-22 2x Short Scud
  • Thread: 70 Denier (Olive Shown)
  • Underbody: Thread
  • Gills: 1/2 CDC Puff
  • Thorax: Natural Dubbing
  • Overbody: .5mm Stretch Cord

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  1. carp patterns = easy. SJWs, green nymphs, carrot flies…honestly, i fish those three patterns 90% of my time on the water. more about presentation than pattern.

    the key is to creat flies that sink fast, but have a low splahs factor when hitting the water.

  2. Montana, heavy but maybe padded? lots of fluffy dubbing, hackle legs, ect… I have a bunch of carp carrots ready but I don’t have a single SJW…gonna have to remedy that.

    Tom, I tied these with the gills/thorax at the rear of the hook for two reasons, one I was curious if it might help a surface presentation and with the gills in the rear I don’t have to worry about getting my tippet caught on them when rigging my line.

  3. The problem with a lot of padding, extra dubbing etc is that it slows the sink rate significantly. I usually go with a solid bead (not the hollow ones) and then go a little sparse on dubbing…it sounds more complicated than it really is. Meet up with Wendy for some beer and tying, we can even do a web cam tying session (been successful for Wendy and I in the past) and knock out some patterns for the or trip. Honetly, I will have a crap ton of flies and bring my kit on the road with us, the big key will be getting your 7 wt ready to go, and maybe some forearm exercises to prepare foe a day doing battle with or carp! If you aren’t a basketball fan than you can tie while Wendy and I eat pizza and watch the NBA finals. Hah!

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