Front ViewWhile out of town recently I visited a few fly shops in West Virgina and Pennsylvania, unfortunately my time was limited and I was unable to fish except for the last day, to my disappointment it rained pretty solid the three days prior causing the stream I planned to fish to become un-fishable. Every fly shop I visited had very nice staff and in particular a man by the name of Larry took the time to show me how he ties his Trico spinner.

Trico's #24

Tiny Trico tied by The Winona Fly FactoryFairly simple tie here were it not for the #24 hook. The process begins with the hook and the 10/0 black thread that is very, very thin. The body of the fly is just wrapped thread enough to coat the hook once on the way to the bend and once back to the eye. Gather two CDC feathers of equal size and spin a small amount of Wing N’ Flash in your fingers. Place the small amount of Wing N’ Flash between each CDC feather making sure to line the tips of the feathers. Wrap with two loose wraps around the CDC and Wing N’ Flash then pull the two feathers out until the smallest amount of stem is in the wing. Wrap a thorax of counter wrapping figure eight thread wraps and whip finish behind the wing to keep from crowding the hook eye, at this size it is imperative. Pinch the two wings together forward and clip to the correct size. No tail on this fly, I think it best fished in the film just a bit.

A very good source swears that the Trico in S.E. Minnesota is a size #24 and no larger. I have attempted to tie the best Trico’s I can in order to take a few “sipping” trout in the coming weeks. I will be bringing my scissors just in case I need to shorten the wing or thin it out. Trico time is going to be early in the morning but this season the weather has been a bit cooler than usual and I am thinking the best time to be rigged and standing in water is going to be 7:00am. That might be a bit early due to the cooler weather but as a general rule this hatch is early around here, might even want to get there at 6:30am just because its better to have more time on the water. Enjoy the fact that you will be unlikely to find another soul on the water and if you do, holler at them, you definitely have something excellent in common.

Daiichi 1110 #24 Hook UsedThread UsedWing N' Flash (Ice Blue)White CDC


  1. Nice post. Timely. Just busted a few on tricos the other night. Headed down to the basement now to hit the vise. Helgeson said in the most recent MWFF Journal that it’s a myth that you have to go to 24. He says he fishes 20s if I remember correctly. I’ll split the diff and try 22. He also says the true color in SE MN is charcoal, not black.

    Got your note – I’ll shoot a reply tomorrow.

  2. I should note that the color of the tying thread is listed as “Smoke” and I plan to tie a few #20-22’s as well. I know that Tom recommended the #24 the last time he posted regarding Trico’s so I thought I should go that small. Good to hear from you.

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