I’ve spent a bit more time at my vise as of late, getting a few patterns tied in several sizes for the upcoming season. Now the RAM Caddis I’ve tied up here will probably not be my 1st choice when my snow boots hit the powder come January 1st (the opening of Winter Catch and Release Season for Trout in Minnesota) it will, however get some face time with the fish in the coming months and even more when the weather warms. This fly originated as a successful [singlepic id=2078 w=300 h=220 float=right]pattern on the Madison river in Montana and I plan to prove it is equally as effective here on the Driftless streams of Southeast Minnesota.

Pursuing Caddis patterns of all kinds I decided a semi-traditionally tied RAM Caddis would serve me well next season. This version is a fairly simple tie with a dubbed body, copper rib and the head made of black dubbing and in this case aided with a small black bead. The only tricky part on this fly is the hackle collar but once you get the hang of it this fly can really look slick. PlanetTrout dropped the RAM Caddis on me a while back and I’ve been thinking about it ever since. On my “To Get” list of materials is purple and wine red thread, this pattern is described as very successful with a purple or red thread head.

On a side note (un-related to tying) I am ready to get to it. It has been calling me since the leaves left us several weeks ago. Winter-Season, the snow, the hiking, the clear water, ice shelves (in some cases), ice in the guides (most cases in January), everything that is the winter season. I want it all. I stick to a fairly strict rule about winter fishing in the coldest of months, stay warm, stay closer to the car, go during the height of the day from 10am-2pm and go slow, accept that winter trout fishing isn’t easy and may result in cold fingers, toes and other extremities but that it can be oh so awesome.

[singlepic id=1148 w=495 h=415 float=center]


  1. White thread does it but a few wraps of flat tinsel works well too if you don’t want to change threads. I dig this pattern alot. I’m gonna spin some up but on a straight shank and fish it up and across letting it tumble back down and swing out, for steelhead.

    avatar WT Bash

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