Finished Rabbit.

  • Hook: #6 Streamer
  • Thread: Olive 140 Denier
  • Eyes: Small Bead Chain
  • Weight: .20
  • Tail: Olive Marabou
  • Body: Olive Ice Chenille
  • Hackle Collar: Natural Rabbit Guard Hairs

I tied these today as I watched the snow fall, weather conditions have kept me indoors. I recently visited Florida and stopped into a fly shop in south Miami, I picked up this olive ice chenille and wanted to play around with it. I also had the tuft of rabbit fur from a walk to the Whitewater River with Sershen. We found several spread over a large area near bald eagle nests, I picked a bit up and brought it home. I like the stiff guard hair look, take note that after spinning the dubbing whirler you can lightly pull the underfur without removing the guard hairs used to form the collar. I hope this will take a trout but I might also use it for warm water species as well.


  1. Love the flies. I really like the site. I can’t believe you only started fishing a year ago. When I started it took me an entire year to catch a fish, and learned most things through trial and error. I admire how quick you picked up the great sport of fly fishing. Keep up the great posts, Tight Lines. Kyle

  2. Thanks man, I put quite a bit of my time into this stuff, I sometimes need to stop and remember that I had a different life before fly-fishing. I dig what I saw on your site, I’ll be stopping back soon.

    avatar winonaflyfactory
  3. Great looking fly. I tie a VERY similar pattern for the Trout in the lakes of BC, Canada where I live.

    The pattern that I tie is the same with one difference, Instead of the guard hair for hackle, I use either a red or Orange dyed Grizzly hackle. They work AWSOME here.

    Good luck with the pattern, and with the site. I will be around more often to have a look. I will also be adding your blog to my blogroll. Feel free to add mine to yours if you like.


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