• Prep Your Hooks In Advance (NFL Sunday)
  • Prep Your Materials for the Quantity Your Going to Tie
  • Tie with Your Scissors in Your Hand
  • Keep Materials and Tools in the Same Spot, Your Brain Needs This
  • Avoid Coffee to Avoid the Restroom to Keep Yourself at the Vise
  • Keep Your Tunes Pumping
  • Take Note of Materials Used for a Quantity of Fly at a Specific Size to Better Estimate Needs When Purchasing for the Future.

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I spent time recently working on these Sprinkle Me Baby’s in the hopes that I won’t have to sit at the vise next season the night before I hit a stretch of the clear stuff. Tying more involved flies at a higher rate of speed without the loss of quality can be a tricky thing. Most of you veteran tiers already know and utilize the things that I’ve mentioned above. I know it’s taken me a while to approach my tying from this perspective but it’s a good thing to work towards, the methodical approach to construction. I spent a large amount of the off season last season tying flies that were new to me, some worked, some did not and others I didn’t even try. This year I know most of what I need to tie and I have a rough idea of the quantities needed. With the winter months I’m hoping to become a more efficiant tier. I managed to turn a fly that took me close to 10minutes to prep and tie, down to 5 minutes flat on average simply because I took a bit of time before to really ready myself. I think this is the way to go when dealing with the more time consuming of the flies we tie. It improves your tying skills, wastes less materials not to mention your funds and time.

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  1. One of the hardest things to teach new tyers is to keep the scissors in the palm of their hand. If the scissors you are using are uncomfortable, find some that you can palm easily as that one thing will up your production tying quite a bit! Well said.

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