To Dinosaur Land

  • 7am: Coffee
  • 7:30: Leave Loaded to Go Drive 23.4miles to Destination
  • 8:09: Arrive 39min. later. Hike in.
  • 8:40: Fish
  • Noon: Lunch in Headwaters
  • 2pm: Hike Out Drive 39min home.
  • 2:30: Kiss Liz at Home
  • 3:30pm Work

Early Morning on the Water


  1. I have a place like this…The North Fork of the Tule River, East of Bakersfield in the Southern Sierras. One of the VERY few places I do not find human refuse that is within 100 yards of a 4X road…I go there because I am waiting for the Ewok to pop out from behind a redwood… Keep truckin’ Justin!!!


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