From what I gather a wise man in Southwest Wisconsin made the first pink squirrel pattern for this area. I could be wrong but thats what I’ve heard. Anyway, Heath ties this pattern with dog fur from his lab. I began tying it right away with my cat Patrick’s fur. From what I gather cat/dog fur can be used as dubbing for nymphs and scuds due to the fact that they retain water inside and thus sink and get down to where the trout are. 


I tie this in 14,16,18 and have caught quite a few this summer when nothing else was really working for me. The first time I put it on my line I layed into a section of the Southbranch of the Whitewater River. I watched a trout shoot to the surface right where my fly was beginning to sink, it was awesome. Drop a line if you need the recipe or want some Patrick dubbing! Lots of guard hairs that are black that contrast with the lighter tan fur. Pull them or keep them. I like it and think it dubs far easier than the pink ice dub for the head. 


Hopefully these will help for the winter season come January.

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