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It’s going to be cold, shitty ass weather. Starting at 7am and fishing until the cold gets you, you run out of flies or 7pm hits. It’s the PetFly SmackDown coming to an Iowa trout stream near you. This year featuring a potential snow storm, ice and rain. Not to mention the opening weekend of Iowa gun Deer season (don’t forget your blaze orange). Tie your flies, pack your boxes, grab your gear and hold on to your ass. Here we come Iowa look out for the Hairball, this year we are gunning for the win.

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  1. I got out yesterday before the gun season opened. Lots of ice in the guides, cold breeze from the south, and very cooperative fish. No competition where I planned to fish, and it looked like no one had been there in a while. Most fish were caught on a bead head flash back pheasant tail dropper. I hope to get there one more time this year but it’s dependent on the weather.

    avatar Tom Raabe
  2. We missed you guys at the Smackdown Pot Luck but we understand wanting to avoid more of the black ice we encountered in the AM! It’s with mixed feelings that I report that this year’s winners was the team of Randal and Michael with the back-to-back win with the Chairman Meow. It was so bad that I actually ditched my own fly to try the Chairman…and watched my incidence of hits skyrocket immediately. Randy landed 31, Mike 18. The rest of us were all in relatively comparable territory. First fly retired was the Tucker Nymph, then Heath’s Pink Lab, and now Randy’s Chairman Meow. Hard to believe that 2012 will be our 10th year for the PFS! Hope to see you Winona Boys at the next one!

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