The Parachute Hopper: 

  •  Hook #10-12 2xLong Dry Fly
  • Thread: Brown 6/0
  • Body: 1 1/2 in Light Yellow Polypropylene Floating Yarn
  • Wings: Mottled Turkey Feather
  • Legs: Turkey Feather Fibers Tied
  • Para-Post: Yellow Polypropylene Yarn
  • Hackle: Grizzly

I’m not very pleased with this fly and so I need to work on it. I had a rough time with the body and head. I wanted to use the floating yarn, a. because it floats, b. last longer than dubbing, c. it was on hand. I had problems after I tied in the legs and wings and then should have either tied in more yarn for another wrap in front of the para-post, or kept the 1st piece longer. I am going to look for some instructions and try try again. I’ll post the progress of course, it will get better.

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