Tricorythodes: The Tiny Trico

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Hatch Information:

  • Late June-October
  • Emerging Water Temp: 52-58 Degrees
  • #20-24 Charcoal Black (Dark Grey) Males, Dark Olive Green Females
  • 3 Tails that are 2-3x’s the Body Length

Hatch Summary:

The Tiny Trico can begin emerging as early as late June and if conditions are right they may hatch daily until October. Some streams in S.E. Minnesota do not get heavy Trico activity while others may explode and produce a blizzard of Spinners. Look for the best fishing oppotunities early in the morning as the spinner fall occurs typically within an hour after emergence begins, these mayflies emerge, molt, mate and die in a very short amount of time. Fish a #20-22 Spinner pattern with a long fine leader for the best success. The Trico male will be slightly longer than the female and will be nearly black, dark grey at the minimum. Females are slightly shorter and have more of an olive colored body, they will be carrying a bright green egg sac during the spinner fall. Expect dry fly fishing to occur between 7:30am and 11am where Trico’s are hatching.

2009 Hatch Report:

I fished this hatch a handful of times during the later months of the season, look mainly to August and later for the serious Trico opportunities. Get onstream early, the water temp on some area streams will climb above 60 degrees by 9am. My experience was a bit inconsistent this last season as one day I felt I was fishing to trout rising for emerging duns while another day it was clear I was fishing the spinner fall. I’ll say it again, get on stream early to ensure you are able to catch both the emergence of the duns and the spinner fall that follows. I found that 6x tippet was enough to fool trout with a #22 Spinner Imitation and next season I will be tying a female spinner pattern that includes a bright green hotspot that I hope will set the trout off.

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