Paraleptophelbia Debilis: The Blue Quill

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Hatch Information:

  • General Emergence: P. Debilis: Sept-Oct.
  • Emerging Water Temp: 55 Degrees
  • #14-16 Dry Fly
  • Adults have 3 Tails

Hatch Summary:

P.Debilis is the specie that emerges during the later months in Sept. and Oct. Duns will emerge as the water temp rises to 55 degrees, during this part of the year it should be in the early afternoon. As a rule the emergence of duns happens sporadically and it is the return of the spinners in groups that get the most attention from the trout. Becareful to distinguish between this specie and the late season Baetis that hatch under similar conditions also during this time of the year.

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