The Naturals

This is an uncomplete and ongoing effort to photograph the macroinvertebrates that trout consume in S.E. Minnesota. Below are groupings of images that will be expanded upon as time passes, some contain specific hatch information and a summary of what I witnessed last season. I hope this is helpful as a reference for fly tyers who want to better imitate the natural insects we have in our area. Feel free to contact me at with any additional information or comments regarding the content below.

Winter: January-February


Midges                                       Winter Stonefly

Spring: March-May


          Baetis: The BWO                              The Grey Caddis                    E. Invaria: The Lt. Hendrickson

Summer: May-August


The March Brown                                The Tiny Trico

Fall: September-October


    Baetis: The BWO                            P.Debilis: The Blue Quill



   Caddis                                              Stonefly                                         Other Macro’s

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