I look at a large selection of flies with recipies on a variety of websites. In the links at the bottom of this site there are a few of the ones I frequent more often. I do use instruction but for the most part I read them once and try to imitate. I don’t honestly remember how the instructions go for tying this fly but I managed to wrap my head around it and produced a few varieties of a Madame X Hopper. So here goes:

Madame X Hopper

The Madame X Hopper: 


  • Hook: #10-12 2xLong Dry Fly Hook
  • Thread: Brown 6/0
  • Tail: Dark Deer Hair
  • Body: Yellow, Pale Yellow Dubbing Mix
  • Head and Wing: Light Deer Hair
  • Legs: Red/Brown Grizzly Rubber Legs


I decided to try traditional Parachute Hopper Legs made of turkey wing fibers with the basic Madame X pattern. Since I haven’t seen a pattern like this I named it the One-Winged Soldier.


One Winged Soldier

One-Winged Soldier:

  • Hook #10-12 2xLong Dry Fly
  • Thread: 6/0 Brown
  • Tail: Dark Deer Hair
  • Body: Yellow/Pale Yellow Dubbing Mix
  • Head and Wing: Light Deer Hair
  • Legs: Turkey Feather Fibers


These are two more flies I will be adding to my late summer season box.

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