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This is the Art Lohman Box I received for Christmas. The story goes like this: Mike and Liz wanted to find me a present, Mike suggested a case for my vise. They went to stores in Rochester and at Gander Mountain they talked to someone who knew someone who had the following item. This is one of three boxes supposedly made by Art Lohman. That person who later sold the box to Mike and Liz told them that Art Lohman had a great deal to do with conservation in and around Forestville, something about preventing the building of a dam to create a lake where Forestville is now. Art apparently fought for water conservation in S.E. MN and while doing so did a fair amount of fly fishing. Mike and Liz explain that this box was made for stream side fly tying but it looks more suited to entomology sampling. The story goes that Art made three of these boxes before he died a few years back and through a divorce and a sale and another sale it has wound up with me. If anyone has any more information on Art Lohman I would really like to know. I did some googling and found that in 1982 the Federation of Fly Fishers gave an award to an Art Lohman for conservation. I couldn’t find more though. I think its an excellent gift and it has a good story behind it.


  1. I have been racking my brain about Lohman. It is a familiar name to me and I recollect that I heard it being said when I was hanging out with the TU crowd several years back. Maybe something doing HI work on his land.

    Any way, neat box, what are you going to use it for?

  2. I think more entomology, The jars included are much more suitable for such but I don’t want to ruin or damage so I haven’t decided its full role in my future. I might just keep it as is and enjoy having this piece of Minnesota Fly Fishing History.

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