I tie alot of flies and I tend to tie dozens of the same pattern, due to this fact I’ve run across a problem at my bench that is solved with a Chip Clip, a few inches of 1/4in weather stripping and a piece of Velcro. When I’m tying Scuds, the Black Wet Fly or any other pattern that requires several strands of a material to remain together and preferably the same length such as with the flash tail on a scud or the over body formed by a dozen or more strands of flash, I used to have to try and peel up the strands of material from my bench and either waste some to even the length out to tie it in correctly or I’d end up wasting time trying to even the length by hand all this provided I remembered to drop the stands of flash in the same spot each time. After a bit of annoyance I raided the [singlepic id=1951 w=340 h=260 float=right]junk drawer we keep in the kitchen and came up with a simple solution that I use often and is one of the hidden treasures on my bench, the C.C. Tool.

Simply this is a chip clip with padding added to the jaws to keep your materials safe and secure. I added a spot Velcro on the back and have it stuck to a good spot on my bench and now when I go to tie a dozen Scuds I even the lengths of three strands of Krystal Flash place them in the C.C. Tool and hang them from my bench. Each time I need that material I remove it from the clip, tie it in and when I clip it free the ends are even and I place it back in the clip maintaining the even length. My working area stays cleaner because I don’t have strands of flash laying everywhere and the don’t  lose the even length (you waste less and have a cleaner looking fly). Placing the Velcro on the clip allows me to train my brain to reach for the same spot time and time again to retrieve the materials, this will save you time especially if you don’t have to go searching for that third strand of flash that got away from you after you placed it on your bench. I estimate the cost of this bad boy to be approx. $.50. A package of chip clips from the dollar store, 3 for $1.00+$.10 of Velcro and about the same amount of weather stripping and your in business.

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